Workero partners with all sorts of corporate organizations, as long as there are a min. of 6 spaces and a private office continuously available on the platform. Considered work spaces are min. an open desk, in a well-lit environment, with a good wi-fi connection, power-plugs, a comfortable seat and a nearby window.  

The ideal offering is a mix of private office space, a meeting room, event room and co-working desks.
You can scale up as much as you want, and scale down as you see fit, as long as you respect the minimum six online units approach.

We do require the rooms and equipment to meet the required cleanliness and accessibility standards, in order for a great customer journey for our Heroes.

But the key component is your input as a community driver.
Ensure you have a contact person on-site that can welcome Heroes, check them in & out and contribute to a warm welcome and community feeling.  

If you have a doubt on whether your spaces are a fit for the Workero concept, just reach out to us at, and we'll gladly get in touch. A physical check of your location is always performed when applying as a partner.

PS: We do not accept any type of business center / co-working space or pure empty office space in a building. The aim of Workero is to put people from different organizations together and facilitate new opportunities.

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