If you want to monetize your unused office space and attract new talent to one or multiple of your locations you only need to follow a few easy steps to verify your organization matches the Workero concept. 

Click on the “OFFER WORKSPACE” tab in the homepage. 

Then choose “LIST MY OFFICE SPACE” and answer a fill-in form with 9 questions. 

Please fill in those fields to progress (no worries, at this stage you are not committing to anything). Once pre-registered by filling in the short form, we will reach out to you as soon as possible for a demo session.

If there is a match we will begin the onboarding process for your organization, always guided by the Community Builder Specialist.

In case of agreement, a partner will be granted special supplier access. This platform allows a partner to set up his location. This implies a minimal Workero brand standard, a good functioning wifi network, clean and representative offices. If you have services like coffee, printing, copying, parking, etc. they can be set up in your personal company environment. After our quality check, your space will be online and available to book!

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