A data driven office building and real estate solution with focus on tenant and user experience.

Office real estate has forever changed

Our aim is to facilitate hybrid working for companies and add value for the building owner

  1. An office booking platform

    Our SaaS software has been designed to create a digital twin of your office portfolio. Flexibility in rules, regulations, office / building configuration are key to ensure a perfect UX for office employees / building tenants.

  2. Communication Management

    A well structured communication is important to streamline the office / building function.

  3. Tenant satisfaction

    Through a process of integrated digital twin creation and at the same time creating a seamless user experience through centralized communication, we contribute to enhanced tenant satisfaction

  4. Data lake visualization and analytics

    A strong dashboard on all office and or building components based on space usage, BMS data and portfolio analytics for ESG purpose

Optional products

  1. Office marketplace

    Why not bring your unused office / building space directly to the market creating a revenue generator

  2. Visitor management

    The visitor management system allows you to control in an automated way the visitor handling at your reception.

Discover all the features and possibilities on our product movie

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